Phew! Finally…A Break!

I can finally breathed a sigh of relief last week after my last exam, Marketing Principles. I finished the 30 MCQs in 20 minutes and rushed out of the exam hall with all sorts of emotions. It felt like a heavy weight was lifted off my chest (I actually lost 1 kg, can you believe it?). I called for celebration and went with a couple of friends to the cinema as my anticipation grows to watch the so-called movie of the year, The Avengers.

I don’t want to elaborate, in case any of you have not watched it yet but I am kinda’ disappointed. It felt draggy and lengthy. There ain’t much of a comedic side (I can count how many times I was actually amused) and it grows so dull I almost slept (my friend took a few naps in there). NO offense to The Avengers fans out there but I honestly, don’t share the love you all have for the film. But I gotta’ admit that Captain Steve Rogers aka America and Tony Stark aka Iron Man is hawt and amusing!

And then yesterday, I watched Dark Shadows. Now, this is what I’m talking about pure comedy! A collaboration between Tim Burton and Johnny Depp never fails to impress me! The funny thing is I wouldn’t be able to recognize Johnny Depp in all those greasepaint! His voice, yes…but his chalk-white complexion really doesn’t bear any resemblance to Depp. Plus, the costumes were awesome, they reflect the era of the settings. A movie recommendation to all!

Anyway, now that break’s here, I can finally get down to my meticulously planned to-do list (although most of the items are accumulated from last last last last years). Oh well, I love making list so here goes…

# Treadmill rounds (At least 45 minutes every day)

– I started last Thursday and gosh, it was so dusty! My mum has done a bad job maintaining it. Can’t blame her since she’s all tired after working every day. >.<

# Write an article on grandma

– I am still working on it.

# Finish all the TV series and movies on my to-watch list

– You won’t believe how many I have on my hard disk. About 200GB. In Bluray. So yeah.

– I started with Inception (IKR, how come I didn’t watch it earlier!), Dexter (interesting concept), Man On The Ledge, Britain’s Got Talent, The Voice and The Beauty and Briefcase (too bad romcom flicks these days don’t have that charm factor anymore).

# Read all my Tumblr dashboard and RSS feeds

– I think there’s 10 days and 2,000 unread items. *cough*

# Look for a slim sling bag

– It’s been months but I couldn’t find a suitable one, with an¬†affordable¬†price tag!

# Books! Magazines

– Ahaks! Kindle’s my new best friend!

# a trip to FRIM

– if my friends are still planning it…

# meet up with my friends

– it felt like forever since I last chatted with my besties from high school.

# Empty up my files

– That awesome moment when you clear out last semester’s notes and transfer them to your big ring folder (oh wait, where is it again?!!) sitting forever alone in my cabinet.

I think that’s all in my current check list. I don’t want to pen down a long one and end up not accomplishing all. That’s the hiccup people faced when they can’t complete their to-do list. They are placing all sorts of junks in there. Prioritize and do what’s important first. That way, you won’t feel like you have a lot to work on and demotivates yourself.

I will check in after a few weeks and report to you on my accomplishments.

Till then. Peace out. ;)