Bond Movies Will Never Be The Same Anymore

WHY? You must be wondering why I am in such a dismissive mood. Well, I will explain explicitly why in the spoilers section below but first off, to my fellow readers who haven’t watch the latest Bond installation, Skyfall yet, I don’t want to spoil it for you. I will sum it up in just two words: WATCH IT.

All the gunfires. Aston Martin and Volkswagen cars aside, let me begin by saying the theme song by Adele is plain epic when you listened to it full-blast in the cinema. It brings in the Bond-sy mood (a little distracted with Craig’s eyebrows though). Daniel Craig makes the close to three hours flick a bearable one. Skyfall is not only action-packed but you gotta hand it to them for turning it into semi-comedy.

In short, Skyfall revolves around Bond saving MI6 from its threat, Silva who has deep hatred for M. Bond’s loyalty is on the brim as he found out about M’s past. It’s now all up to Bond to save the day, as always.

A little intro to the main casts: Bond is the poker-faced funny dude while M (Judi Dench) is like her usual awesome self. I always have deep admiration for her, like I do to Meryl Streep and Julie Andrews. They have this aura that defines elegance and superiority.

Javier Bardem who plays Silva, the psycho maniac is definitely one of the funniest villain I’ve seen around. At first he seems a little awkward and gay but soon after, this dude just rocks the evil role. The way he laughs, his bulgy eyes, the way he struts and his unsightly hair. Bardem looks so different off-screen! Much better I should add and bears a little resemblance to Robert Downey Jr.

Q (Ben Whishaw) is another cute nerdy boy I’m starting to like. He’s the young techy genius that helps Bond throughout the movie.


To me, this time there’s not much spying for Bond to do. On the contrary, instead of a spy, he feels like an assassin or wait… a hitman to me.

And then I was searching for a bond girl. I thought it would be Sévérine (Bérénice Marlohe) but my hopes were dashed when she only made a 15 minutes appearance. Seriously?

I expected a more dramatic death of Silva (Oh no, this is what those horror movies are treating me) instead of you know, just a goddamnit knife. Oh, and I actually do enjoy the rat story. ;)

M’s death felt a bit too surreal, IMHO. I like Ralph Fiennes and him, as the new M could be interesting but deep inside, James Bond movies won’t be the same without the charismatic Judi Dench as M.




Bond being Bond and all, Skyfall is a pretty good one to check out. Set aside three hours this weekend and watch it. No regrets! :)


Are You Ready For The Avengers?

My love for Captain America cannot be expressed in any form of writing. Or rather, my love for Chris Evans who played Captain Steve Rogers in Captain America : The First Avenger (2011) is the very reason I watched the movie more than four times – a record in Guinness Arrica’s World Records.

It didn’t wrapped up the way I presumed it would – the hero didn’t get the girl, that ain’t cool! Instead, Captain “Awesome” America is now ‘trapped’ in the 21st century with this guy with an eye patch, Nick Fury. And The Avengers which will be out in two months will take its lead from there.

The hype is definitely here already, what’s with the lines of attractive leads, starting with of course my love, Captain America, followed by Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye and Black Widow (Weird, I know). Oopps, someone forgot about Spiderman?

So, anyway, this anticipated movie of the year promised more action, more romance (how about some bromance too?), more kickass wisecrack from our honorable Ironman and more candy boys.

Before I scurry away to watch Captain America for the fifth time, I have some impressive The Avengers Minimalist Posters that I would like to share.