Asam Laksa…Why We Love It So Much

I love spicy food, especially Indian and Thai cuisines. I love the tangy aroma and the incomprehensible numbness that stays on my tongue after I devour all these tantalizing dish.

However, one local zesty food I cannot resist is the Penang Asam Laksa. It is usually served with thick rice noodles garnished with sliced cucumber, pineapples, onions, mint leaves and a spoonful of thick prawn paste. It’s a definite must-try if you are in Malaysia.

Most of the time, I prefer my parents’ homemade asam laksa. In terms of spices and ingredients, they are more generous than the hawkers. And the soup is delicious! I relished it more than the noodles.

Whenever my parents roll up their sleeves and prepare asam laksa, the huge portion can last us for two meals – lunch and dinner. And then it would be a few months before they have the itch to cook asam laksa again.

So, here I am, feasting on my favorite asam laksa. For once, I don’t care if my pimples are popping out or not. Enjoying my Asam laksa is of utmost priority now.

P/S: In case you want to have a go on how to make your own Asam Laksa, here’s a recipe you can depend on.

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