The Blame Game On KFC Assault Case

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The recent assault case that took place in i-City’s KFC outlet bombarded all over the Internet with different versions of story. No one knows for sure who is the right party and who is the wrong one.

To all of you who are not familiar with this piece of news, here’s a recap taken from MalaysiaKini via Yahoo News:

According to Ng, at around 10 that night, they were queuing at the KFC restaurant to redeem their meals using prepaid vouchers bought from the Internet (apparently only redeemable in the i-City’s KFC outlet).

After almost an hour of waiting together with some 20 customers, the frustrated customers questioned the delay and were told by the KFC kitchen staff that the fried chicken was out of stock.

This further annoyed the customers who started to raise their voice and questioned why they were not informed about it earlier, and subsequently a heated argument broke out between them and the restaurant staff, but no offensive word was used, said Ng ( below ).

“I scolded them and questioned their service attitude. They were angry and said, ‘ Mahu gaduh ke ?’ (You want to quarrel?).

“I also heard a staff say, ‘ Kalau mahu makan, sendiri masaklah, babi! ’ (If you want to eat, go cook yourself, pig!).

“Initially I wanted to move forward but then I saw them holding steel bar as if they wanted to beat us. My wife then dragged me out of the restaurant for my safety,” he claimed.

Upset with the slur, Ng, armed with his mobile phone with the aim of recording evidence for a future complaint, re-entered the restaurant to confront the staff, threatening to lodge a police report against them.

‘They tried to attack me’

“Then they stormed out from the counter, shouting at me and trying to attack me, but they were stopped by other staff.

“Suddenly a kitchen staff wearing a KFC apron charged at me and grabbed my neck from behind. Then he punched the back of my head and my face, then kicked my legs, causing me to fall on a chair.

“Some other customers came to shield me. Then a staff member brought me out of the restaurant and advised me to leave immediately. He said his colleagues had called up their friends. So we left the restaurant,” he added.

“I did not fight back because I know resorting to violence is wrong,” said Ng.

However, his wife conceded punching one of the staffs to protect her husband.

“When I tried to pull him away from my husband, he stared at me as if he is going to beat me. So I yelled at him, ‘You want to beat me? Go ahead, everybody is looking now’, so he stopped,” said the wife, who refused to reveal her name.

Before the footage – believed to be recorded by an eyewitness – went viral on the Internet, Ng was reluctant to lodge a police report because there was no evidence to back him.

A press conference by the victim, accompanied by his lawyer was made to further explain the incident:

In my humble opinion, between a staff and a customer, customer is always right. Even if they aren’t acting in their best manner, a responsible and sensible staff has no right to resort to berate their customers or worst, hit them in any way because like it or not, customers are the king. If you have no patience for this job, get another f*cking job.

Some said Ng provoked the staffs by uttering racist remarks and raising his voice which infuriates the staffs. Even so, we should understand who is more important in this situation. Staffs whose earnings come from the consumers or the consumers who pay them? Of course it’s the latter who holds the utmost authority. Let the man shouts all he wants. The worst thing is some boos and bad reviews. Now, resorting to violence brings them all over the news.

If I have the authority to take charge of this predicament, I will first fire the branch manager for 2 obvious reason:

1. How can KFC, a prominent fast food restaurant runs out of chickens in the first place? Chicken is their most notable provisions. For them to run of chickens is like for boutiques to run out of clothes to sell. How ridiculous is that? He should conduct a proper inventory record to ensure there is enough stock to supply the stores’ daily operations and demands.

2. For not controlling the situation well enough. For his failure to train his underlings properly. Misconduct.

And even if he did realized that their supply of chicken is running low, he should informed his customers earlier. Customers would not have wasted their time queuing up for 45 minutes. It is not so fast food now, eh?

Thus, the branch manager should be fired for incompetence in handling the large crowds expectations.

At least KFC was fast enough to respond with a public apology video (I can’t hear a Sorry, did you?) by their Deputy President, Alan Au just a day after the incident. But, I find the way he conveys his apology to be insincere and hypocritical. We want explanation not nonsense and mumbo-jumbos about staff training.

The higher management should conduct proper, on-going and sufficient training to their staffs regularly. This is not to be taken lightly as the current assault case is not the first I’ve heard about KFC, last year itself, there were several videos uploaded to Youtube featuring the unhygienic workers tampering with the chickens and rude staffs.

If KFC wants to regain our support, they have to first win our support by improving their quality of food and customer service. Or prepare to face huge financial ruin.

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