10 Things A Creative Person Needs to Know

You Are The Boss of Your Own Art!

Seen from Chase Jarvis (a wonderful photographer)’s blog, I find these tips extremely helpful. For easy reading, I extract only the important points from the article. That being so, if you’re interested to read the whole article, head on to his blog post.

1. Hear what experts say, but don’t always listen to them.

2. Take clients’ suggestions to heart, because they definitely know their brand, product, their vision but then go nuts with [your] own vision. Add value. Show them something they didn’t expect. If you are good enough to get selected for the job, you should be good enough to drive the photographic vision.

3. Don’t aim for ‘better’, aim for ‘different’. You can’t stand out from the crowd by just being better. You have to be different.

4. Big challenges create the best work.

5. Aesthetic sensibilities actually matter. Develop a sense of visual taste.

6. Simple is good. Remove clutter, remove distraction. Tell one story, and tell it well.

7. Avoiding failure is not the goal. The goal is recovering from mistakes quickly.

8. Focus on delivering value and price yourself accordingly.

9. If you want to be the best, seek to be around awesome people. Shoot high. Shoot for better than yourself.

10. Real artists create. Take a new approach and make stuff.

Don’t simply fall in love with your ideas–love the expression and fruition of your creative spirit through action and results.

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