Social Media Explained… In 5 Funny Pictures

We have way too many social media and network nowadays, it is hard for us to keep track. I recalled having an account in almost every major websites like Tagged, Friendster, Myspace, Xanga… you name it, I have it. However, the emails they sent simply annoyed me, therefore I removed all my accounts, leaving me with only Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a few other substantial social media.

These fawsome websites allow their users to update their status. Thus, I am always unclear which social media I should use to update my status. To make things easier, users ‘standardized’ the status posting system by the following:

Facebook: What you’re thinking about

Twitter: What you’re doing

… or take a look at these series of pictures illustrated by Cliconomics :

It has been a pretty tough year for Google Plus. Coincidentally, I do have a G+ account after receiving an invitation from a dear friend but to be honest, it is as vacant as I thought it would be. To be honest, Google could have used the resources to enhance other product of theirs like iGoogle, Picasa, G Reader, etc. instead of focusing on a product that will clearly lose out in the midst of giant social network sites.

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Psychology of Color

Psychology of Color

Why some marketing campaign works and others don’t. Most of the time, we are not aware that colors do indeed play a role and marketers/ad persons who are able to grasp this important concept will be able to use this to their full advantage.

Source: Now Sourcing

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A Little Credit To The Creative Team Behind Advertisements

We watch countless advertisements everyday through the Internet, printed medias, TV and radio. The ad might last for just a few minutes or take just a small corner of the page but the effort took to produce such ads is actually much more complex. Even to come up with a 4-paged brochure that will only sums up to 1 mark gave us a little headache. As this is our first time creating and marketing our own Valentine’s Day product – cash card, it took us one whole day to draft our brochures and lastly, carry out the photo shoot session in Pavilion.

Two of my team mates working on the cash card.

After getting a grasp on how advertising and marketing actually works, I feel more grateful and appreciative of the efforts put in by fellow adperson, advertising executive or whatever terms used to address the team behind those advertisements. Video ads are especially hard to make, what with the angle of the camera and the crowd of people which can be tiresome sometimes. Having a cooperative team is extremely important to ensure the production of ads will go well. Fortunately, my team members are very creative and are willing to share and accept ideas, as well as the initiative to work for an agonizing 12 hours.

We worked on the draft of the brochures with imaginative and innovative ideas from everyone. Using Adobe Illustrator to design our cash card, we stayed in the library for 3 hours. After much aggravation, we printed everything we need and head to the mall for our photo shoot session.

To minimize cost – since the assignment is only 1%, we decided to use our own group members as the models for the Valentine’s Day brochure. Although these two models are not experienced and also,  as they are not lovers in real life, it is tough to be intimate, especially in front of a camera but after a few guidance from our wonderful photographer, things went exceptionally well.

In one of the shoots, we have to ask the help of a cashier/promoter which is difficult because most of the retail outlets and departmental stores do not allow us to photograph. We are required to show them a letter from our college and perhaps wait for a few days before we get the seal of approval which I find distasteful, in my humble opinion because we are only planning to capture the cashier accepting the cash card from our model, which does not involve their products at all; if that’s what they are afraid of.

After much asking and searches, we managed to locate a small counter kiok-like selling fragrances that are willing to help us. Thank you so much! Thus, our photo shoot ended successfully!

I will remember 5th Feb 2012 as the very first day I get to know more about how advertising and marketing works. This is only the beginning, I have more to learn and I cannot wait to start!

* I will post the photo of the cash card after my presentation. You know how it works. :)


Update: Here’s our cash card and final ad page:

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Kindle Or Nook?

I had a pretty hard time deciding which ebook reader to buy tonight. Even with the iPad I own, I find the 680g Apple darling not as portable as advertised. I am burdened with heavy college books and files most of the time so fitting the 9.56′ x 7.47′ is impossible. Thus, with limited budget at hand, I am down to two choices: Kindle Touch or Nook Simple Touch, both bearing the same price tag. And both have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Researching each item and reading countless contrasting reviews are tiring but I know the aforementioned step is necessary to purchase the best ebook reader. I don’t want to cry over spilled milk a week after.

Kindle Touch

I find that Kindle Touch sport a better design and thinner in depth. Although at the same time, Kindle Touch is a little…just a little larger and heavier than Nook.

Nook Simple Touch

What upsets me about Kindle is the fact that no additional apps can be installed and used, only the standard web browser. Nook, on the other hand allows users to install third-party apps like Facebook, Goodreads, games, etc. Kindle clearly loses this round.

What Kindle lacks in, the Amazon e-reader impresses with its varieties of supported formats like Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, Audible (Audible Enhanced(AA,AAX)), MP3, unprotected MOBI, PRC natively; HTML, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP through conversion (why in the world isn’t ePub on the list?) while its opponent, Barnes & Noble’s only supports ePub, PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG, and BMP. Considering its an ebook reader, it’s disappointing Kindle doesn’t support ePub and Nook doen’t support more formats like MOBI and DOC.

Storage-wise, Kindle grabs the winning spot by securing 4gb internal memory while Nook only has 2GB.

Kindle’s Read-to-Me sounds very exciting too though I doubt I will use the feature as I prefer reading over listening.

My final decision goes to… obviously Kindle Touch.

In terms of pricing, it would be around $150 including postage, a cover and a screen protector. I was a little down when I checked the price in Amazon and realized they are selling Kindle Touch at only $99. Sometimes, living in U.S. can be really beneficial.

Amazon should start shipping internationally at a cheaper price! I’m sure everyone around the world will rejoice and paint the town red!